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Reasons Why Ghanaian Guys Go Into Sakawa Reasons Why Ghanaian Guys Go Into Sakawa


11 bizarre Reasons Why Ghanaian Guys Go Into Sakawa



Money they say, “Is the root of all evil” but as hard as we try, everybody needs it and much of it too.

Also nobody was born a criminal, the society made it so and as we grow, we see a lot of flashy things around us and naturally we are drawn to them and we pray to have all of that, so there’s always a threshold everybody wants to achieve. But no matter how successful you want to be in life, there are always rules, and hard work and perseverance always pays. However, these days, it seems the youth rather prefer the easiest way out and many have resorted to using all means possible to get the luxuries of life.

One of such ways these days is the scam or fraud business popularly referred to as Sakawa in Ghana, where people are scammed out of their millions. This has caused many families pain. Now the question is, what are some of the reasons why the youth enter into this illegal business? Many red flags can be raised that clearly shows that people do not just wake up one day and decide to be fraudsters, there’s definitely a catalyst that pushes them to do it and we wish to observe some of these things.

Below are 10 reasons why Ghanaian guys go into Sakawa.

Easy Access To Internet

Gone are the days when the only way to communicate with someone was through the telephone (Landline), mails, or directly etc. These forms of communication made it difficult for people to scam. At that time, most fraudsters were more of confident tricksters who use ways and means to dupe their victims. One major disadvantage in this way of scamming is your presence at the scene which was dangerous because the victim could identify you at any time should they get in touch or see you anywhere.

Also mails were slow and did not allow messages to flow with ease, unlike these days where there are instant messaging apps that allows the individual to send messages and get quick response, which gives them room to outwit and convince people to do their bidding.

All these apps and softwares depend on internet to operate and gone are the days when internet was expensive and so few could have access to it, these days, it’s so cheap and available at even obscure places. These has attracted many youth to easily get involved into the “Sakawa” business.

The easy access to internet has motivated many men and women to join the lucrative “trade” to make money.

Political Injustice/Unemployment

We know the moment you see this, you will go like, “How?”. Yes! Political Injustice plays a lot of role in this case, especially in Ghana where politics only favors those in the same party. When a party is in power, many people lose their jobs whiles others get appointments. When that happens, you should know there will be repercussions because the moment one person loses his job, it affects the whole family, so there’s always a chain reaction.

If the person does not get a job in time to support the family, the children can end up in such shady businesses to survive. Also when children keep hearing all the corruption going on with politicians, they don’t feel the slightest guilt to dupe someone. These are  all contributory factors to why many guys join “Sakawa” in Ghana.


Many young boys and girls wish to have the power to make decisions and take control even when their time has not come yet and they believe money is what can make them do this and the quickest way to it is through these means.

For most of these people, the mentality they have is money comes with power. The issue here is, they wouldn’t want to go through all the due processes to acquire it because it will take long and so the easiest way out is to dupe people to get there quicker.

Desire For Luxury

Some people just have the weakness for luxury and want to have it all cost so when they see others riding in posh cars and living in mansions, they wish to own some and with that raises desire to rob and acquire them and it becomes so strong they act it.

This is also one factor that will lead people to go into sakawa because they see it to be the easy way out and safest way to acquire quick money and buy all the luxury they desire.


As the saying goes, “A hungry man is an angry man” and with that said, you will get a lot of young men who indulge in this act because of poverty. They do it purely because they don’t want to go hungry and Sakawa is easy money to get.


Many young guys hate to be controlled by their parents and they realize the only power their parents have over them is because they fend for them and so to do away with that control, they indulge in Sakawa to free themselves from the shackles of responsibility by their parents. So they can do whatever they want without their parents interrupting.


Some indulge in it purely out of greed….simple


Some indulge in the illegal business because probably somebody treated them badly when they didn’t have money or they were looked down upon and so they decide to get into it to get money and return the favor by maltreating others too.

Another way is racism. Many black men are still angry over how the whites enslaved us and doing it makes them feel good because they think it’s pay back time.


With money comes power and with power you can get whatever you want, or so most of those who indulge in it think and so some guys enter into the game because of women. Many believe if you have money, every woman will be at your beck and call and so they get in there to gain money just to have sex with any woman they so desire.


Some of these men hate working to get paid and so due to laziness, they get involved. There are people out there who wish to have everything but hate to work for it and that is why they indulge in this activity.

Low income

Even people who are employed complain bitterly about their salaries and incomes. Most young Ghanaian men doing white collar jobs get small wages from their jobs which doesn’t permit them to live a life worth living so some of these guys are usually discouraged to continue with these fancy-looking and sometimes seek refuge in Sakawa. For instance the minimum wage in Ghana is ¢6 per day and most peoeple with first degrees, doing full time jobs earn between ¢500 to ¢2,000 ($180 – $617 monthly).

Dreams of living the fast life

Most Ghanaian youths have been heavily influenced by the life they see in Hollywood movies and western music videos where musicians and actors are seen living the plush life. This has become the dream of most Ghanaian youths, to drive fast cars, move around with girls and drink expensive popular bottles of champagnes. There is no way to make this happen other than “Sakawa”.

Derrick Asare is an Editor for Xbitgh. He love Music, going to the movies, making friends, web designer, computer science major.

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