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10 Punchlines from Sarkodie’s “Kanta” Song



M.anifest released “god MC”, a diss song to Sarkodie last week which caused a stir on social media

Sarkodie has released a song “Kanta”, a diss song to rapper M.anifest a freestyle on Desiigner’s “Panda”. He directly replies M.anifest in his version.

  1. “Obi b3 dissi mea, na 3ny3 rapper a ode GTP ntoma pam kaba”
    Sarkodie is talking about M.anifest afrocentric swag, Sarkodie is using that to undermine M.anifest’s rap prowess.

  2. “I gave you the highest retweets, I showed you some love on the streets, I know you be aiming for my spot but you think say my position be cheap”
    Sarkodie is saying M.anifest is jealous and ungrateful because he has been there for him and retweeted most of his songs

  3. “Only time you sound good is when you rap on your own, me feature wo twice, all you dey claim say you are not in your zone”
    Sarkodie is telling us something we do not know, he is attacking the fact that M.anifest hasn’t featured on any song before. He continues to say that he has tried to feature M.anifest twice but he has always refused because he says he’s not his zone.

  4. “Brofo ak3se3, fa ko kyer3 ade3 wo Legon”
    Sarkodie is saying M.anifest is all English and nothing else, he should probably use it as a career by lecturing in Legon.

  5. “Of course, I go pass on the torch, but definitely ain’t you”
    Sarkodie says even if he gives up the throne, it definitely won’t be M.anifest who will be sitting on it.

  6. “Punche de3 opunchi nanso ento asaase, eto kiosk e3o klorgon”
    Sarkodie says M.anifest is good but his raps doesn’t make him money.

  7. “3yaa mose Sark mp3 beef, it doesn’t make sense, how can I be rapping to the world, while you rap to your friends”
    Sarkodie is saying his fan base is bigger than that of M.anifest’s.

  8. “Sesiaa madane philanthropist, giving you hype for free”
    Sarkodie is saying he’s doing M.anifest a favor by replying the diss song and also retweeting his songs.

  9. “I made sure I showed you some love, so say you niggas go see, 3ny3 s3 ebia Sark y3 scared, you just don’t match up with me”
    Sarkodie is belittling M.anifest saying he’s not his c0-equal.

  10. “Like Kennedy Agyapong and Afia Schwarzenegger, the beef no dey be”
    Sarkodie says M.anifest is not worthy of his beef

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