Thursday , April 2 2020

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Watch how people have $EX in this coronavirus times (video)

A video of a couple having s#x in these times of coronavirus. The couple showed the world how to stay safe in these times and still have s#x. They were seen in protective gears as they enjoyed themselves. watch the video below; Having Sex after the Coronavirus Pandemic — …

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Coronavirus kills renowned journalist.

The death of the Zimbabwean broadcaster Zororo Makamba, 30 has been described as a  tragic illustration that even the young can succumb to coronavirus. Makamba had a high profile as a broadcaster and had come from a wealthy family. He was diagnosed with coronavirus on Saturday, and his condition deteriorated …

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Coronavirus: Finance Minister commits suicide over crisis

The Finance Minister of Germany’s Hesse State, Thomas Schaefer, has committed suicide apparently after becoming “deeply worried” over how to cope with the economic fallout from the coronavirus, state premier Volker Bouffier said on Sunday (March 29). Mr Schaefer, 54, was found dead near a railway track on Saturday. The Wiesbaden …

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Akufo Addo donates 3 months salary to Covid-19 Fund

President Akufo Addo has donated his three(3) months salary to a Coronavirus Fund established to deal with the deadly disease. The Fund will be managed by an independent board of trustees chaired by the immediate past Chief Justice, Sophia Akufo Addo to receive contributions and donations from the public to …

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